Mobilisation over Europe


– Week of Oct. 13th: continuation of the three-week cycle trip from several cities in France (with outreach activities to connect with the public – for more information

– Oct. 17th: demonstration in Paris coinciding with the convergence of all cyclist from Sciences en Marche.



– Week of Oct. 13th: informative sessions in more than 15 universities regarding the precarious state of R&D and higher education. For more info: Per la Scienza, Per la cultura .

– October 18th: press conference in Rome.

– October 25th: the demonstration in defense of research and higher education has been shifted to Oct 25th and it will be included in the National demonstration organized by the unions.



– October 15th: press conference in Madrid by the science advocacy consortia Carta por la Ciencia.

– October 17th: demonstration in Madrid.

– October 17th: researchers are called to gather in front of all research centers and university headquarters at noon.



– October 17th: ABIC (Association of grant-holding researchers) will develop a journey of clarification through Portugal which will be focus on the campaign Carta Aberta and also on the dissemination of European petition ” They have chosen ignorance!”

– October 17th: SNESup, ABIC, FENPROF & researchers organizations start the campaign “mourning for science” which will continue until FCT revise the process of evaluation of research units.
– October 17th: SNESup, ABIC, FENPROF & researchers organizations launching a petition to collect signatures to present to the Portuguese Parliament, having in mind that some of the issues raised in the international petition ” They have chosen ignorance!” must be discussed at national level.

– October 24th: workshop and round table involving researchers, politicians and citizens in Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL).

– October 24th: press conference in Lisbon.



– October 21st:  demonstration under discussion in Athens against the new Law for Research and Development in Greece.